Is the entrepreneur an artist?

The artistic process is very similar to the entrepreneurial path. Both artists and entrepreneurs create something from nothing, face rejection and fine tune their approach to succeed. They are both creative in their own way. Being creative differs from being artistic. In line with developing your entrepreneurship we mean by creativity in the E-Scan your capability the find solutions.

Ideas are not new

There is no such thing as originality! All ideas have been previously conceived. With so many people in the world, that isn’t such a strange thought. Even if it’s true, the idea can be the same, but the execution can be different. Not at least because of the passion and drive that goes with it.


Creativity is the ability to play with your thoughts. Seeing new opportunities over and over again. Ideas come to you when you open up for your surroundings, when you amaze yourself, what’s happening and what’s not. You conquer the barriers that might come on your way. Creativity is the ability to think different and from different angles. Driving off road instead of the high way. An entrepreneur sees problems as a challenge, or even better as a chance, to get the right product on the market.

Unleash your inner artist as an entrepreneur

A lot of people think they are not creative, and that it can’t be developed. But you can! Psychological research proved that you can be more than ten times creative, just by training yourself. It also explains all the books about creativity and creative thinking. Here are five places to start.

  1. No more fear, just do it! Cultivate a willingness to fail. Entrepreneurs and artists share one important quality: they both put their heart and soul on the line for others to see and judge. Not everyone in this world has the tenacity, thick skin, or sheer gall to even try such a feat. When you feel the twinge of self-doubt, remember that you are one of the brave few. With every attempt, you are closer to your success.
  2. Listen and observe.
    This is always a good way to get new ideas. Look around you, what are people’s thoughts, the subjects they talk about, what are their annoyances?
  3. Doggedly continue. Creativity research also teach us, that focus and perseverance is very important in the creative process. It characterises the artist and the entrepreneur once again. Their internal drive helps them to continue and search for the best idea and solution.
  4. A brilliant idea does not sell itself.
  5. Be remarkeble and let others tell it.


With entrepreneurial regards,


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