How did E-Scan help start-up entrepreneur Waqas Baggia?

Waqas Baggia is a start-up entrepreneur. He was a participant on the SPEED WM (Student Placement for Entrepreneurs in Education West Midlands), program. Along with his business partner Zee-shan Chaudry he met during his time at the University of Wolverhampton. As part of this program he undertook an E-Scan and Online Entrepreneurial Review.

Waqas is an emerging serial entrepreneur with a diverse experience in business. He started his first company when he was only 18. Assembling custom computers for his customers. He is co-founder and CEO of Kreative Iron with Zee-shan. It is an innovative digital media company that provides graphic, web and general multimedia solutions.

In the past he has been an advisor to NACUE (National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs) and was founder and president of University of Wolverhampton’s Student Enterprise Network.

Watch the feedback that Waqas gave and how he felt it has helped him as an entrepreneur.

Following this process, Waqas then approached us, in true entrepreneurial style, asking ‘Would you like some help locating clients?’. We quickly realised with his Enterprise Education and entrepreneur contacts he would be a good ‘introducer’ and signed him up! We love working with entrepreneurial people and look forward to working alongside Waqas in years to come.

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